Sunday, October 18, 2009

The transition of Brand Ownership and its Democratization

The advent of the Internet and social networking era has seen the subtle transition of Brand Ownership from the organization to the customer. As it currently stands, organizations only notionally own the brands, the intrinsic brand value is dictated by the customer not to mention ... Brand ownership. This transfer of brand ownership is the "Democratization of the Brand"

Branding initiatives and strategy can no longer be dictated by brand managers "inside-out" of an organization. Instead, it is dictated by the customer and in an "outside-in" perspective. Brand positioning statements and promises have to be crafted from a customers perspective of what the brand can do for them and not from a organizations stand-point. Brands that recognize this will craft, believe and implement brand statements that genuinely embrace the power the customer in this new era. Case in point NIKE and its statement "Just Do It". The statement transcends time and truly lends itself to various executions from an advertising / communications perspective...and at the same time empowers the customer to own and craft their own story with the storied brand.